Grown naturally, produced locally

All of our produce is 100% Certified Organic. Our macadamias are grown in clean soil and fed by untouched rivers in remote pristine rainforest on the Comboyne plateau, Mid North Coast of NSW. We take pride in knowing that we provide the cleanest and best quality certified organic produce to our customers.

Native and Nutritious

Macadamias are native to the north-east coast of Australia. For thousands of years indigenous people ate them, and called them gyndl, jindilli and boombera. Macadamias are a nutritious whole plant food, full of healthy monounsaturated fats, protein, vitamins and minerals, and are naturally free of trans-fats. Full of healthy oils, fibre and plant sterols, macadamia nuts make a healthy addition to your meals and are a nutritious and satisfying snack!

Buy directly from our farm !

We are a small Australian family owned business. We believe in sustainable organic farming and all our macadamia nuts are hand harvested, processed and packed on our solar powered farm.  Our macadamia nuts and oils come directly from our pristine farm to our customers. We’re committed to keeping our footprint small.

Upcoming Markets

David Flinter Macadamia Nuts


Saturday        1.2.20     Wingham Farmers Market

                                    Carriage Works Farmers Market, Sydney

Sunday          2.2.20     Mona Vale Organic Food Market 

Saturday       8.2.20    Gloucester Farmers Market, Billabong Park                                                    Port Macquarie Foreshore Market

Sunday         9.2.20     Gosford Farmers Market

Friday          14.2.20    Beaches Market, Warriwood 1472 Pittwater Road     

Saturday       15.2.20    Carriage Works Farmers Market, Sydney                    Sunday         16.2.20    Lauriton Foreshore Market

                                    Mona Vale Organic Food Market

Saturday       22.2.20    Wauchope Farmers Market

Sunday         23.1.20     Pacific Palms Market


Saturday       29.2.20     Nabiac Farmers Market            




Saturday  4.1.20 Wingham Farmers Market, The Showground

Sunday  5.1.20  Laurieton Riverwalk Markets 

Saturday 11.1.20  Port Macquarie Foreshore Market

                            Gloucester Farmers Market, Billabong Park

Sunday   12.1.20  Newcastle Farmers Market, Broadmeadow

                            Pacific Palms Market

                            Gosford Farmers Market

Friday     17.1.20  Beaches Market, Warriwood 1472 Pittwater Road

Saturday 18.1.20  Carriageworks Farmers Market, Redfern – Sydney

                            Forster Farmers Market

Sunday   19.1.20   Laurieton Riverwalk Markets 

Saturday  25.1.20  Wauchope Farmers Market

                             Nabiac Farmers Market

Sunday    26.1.20  Pacific Palms Market

                             Gosford Farmers Market

Friday     31.1.20  Beaches Market, Warriwood 1472 Pittwater Road