DAVID FLINTER: Owner and Manager.

David grew up exploring and playing in the bush around Sydney and it was here where his love of nature developed. It was a natural progression for him to grow in the Scouts movement and immerse himself in nature; camping, kayaking and bushwalking with his friends. It was through these experiences that David’s understanding of nature developed and the idea of sustainable farming made absolute sense to him. David lives his truth in that he lives a sustainable lifestyle, and he hopes this is conveyed in his message and is reflected in his products.

 David’s message isthere is sustainability in everything in our lives. Allow it to happen and be prepared to make it happen. Don’t lose sight of the importance of family in the process. Have patience as it all takes time!!


David’s nephew, Dale, joined the team in 2020, working on the Farmers Market Stalls

In Sydney and on the Central coast and Newcastle.


Farm Manager

Keiran was born and bred on the farm and has worked in the business since 2006. He is responsible for looking after all aspects of farm operations including fencing, fertilising and pruning the trees, overseeing the harvesting and managing the farm hands.


Janne King, David’s partner, has committed her broad range of skills to the business since 2018. She does the administration works and oversees the sales and orders for the business. Every weekend Janne travels to the Local Farmers Markets. 


Simon was born on the property and has helped out in all aspects of the farm over the years. He is now studying full time in a different field.


Sarah was born on the farm and has helped plant trees and looks after the farm over the years. Sarah is now a full-time teacher.


Tristan was born on the property and has helped in all aspects of the farm over the years. He is now working full-time in a different field.

DANIEL – Makes the macadamia spreads and butters

Since 2006 Daniel has donned his apron and worked in the kitchen making all the various macadamia spreads and butters on the farm.

Our Mascots and trusty pooches that help out; no matter where you are on the farm, one of them will always be at your feet.

MANY OTHERS from the local community and around the world have shared their time, expertise and their stories.